Dash Air: Conditioner Refrigerant and Oil Capacity

Summer is the time of year when concerns may arise about how you are going to keep your cool as you travel about the country. Of course, the dash air conditioner is one of the systems you want to be working up to its full potential.

If your dash air system requires maintenance, find a qualified automotive AC repair shop. They will have specialized equipment and knowledge to make a proper repair. You are likely to find one of the first questions you will receive from your qualified AlC repairman is: What are the manufacturer’s recommendations for the refrigerant capacity?

Beginning with Year model 1994 the refrigerant (R134a) capacity for all coaches is 5.0 Ibs or 80oz.

The typical recharge method is to initially fill the system to approximately 90% of capacity and finish the filling process according to monitored high and low pressures along with evaporator intake and output temperatures.

If your system needs to be evacuated for repair, the amount of oil that is recovered during an evacuation should be added back into the system at recharge. On a system that may have been flushed or due to severe leaks, has lost all of its refrigerant charges, it is recommended to add 1 oz. of synthetic PAG 10 or PAG 20 oil per 10ft of coach length during the refrigerant recharge process in addition to the oil that is in the compressor. (Example 40 ft. coach length =4 oz. oil)

Most compressors have a data tag indicating the oil capacity for that particular compressor. This is the compressor oil capacity only.