Headliner: Repair

So far (1 year) my repair is still holding up. I dropped the center line trim, scraped about two inches of the roof the entire length of the living room and cleaned the edge of the vinyl. With my wife’s help, I began on one end and stretched the vinyl towards the center and my wife applied hot melt glue to the vinyl, about 20 inches at a time. I held the fabric until the glue set then moved along and did another section. After replacing the center trim piece, I can’t see any sag. It took a few hours but it looks nice again. Bob Perker 1989 40’GV Unihome DD6V-92

I don’t want to be a know it all but have installed a lot of vinyl on foam. It is done with spray contact cement. If when you take down the foam backing you may find the foam still stuck to vinyl but released from fiberglass. If you find this to be true, then you can lower the middle as much as you can and spray adhesive on both fiberglass and back of the foam. Let it sit a few minutes and then press back to fiberglass The Buttons are available at any auto upholstery supply house Please try this before you do all the button thing. John Berry U280 Spokane 6/22/08

If you have to pull those buttons (last resort) we found a good stiff butter knife will slip under it and pop it off of the snap that is under it. Then you can get to the Phillips head located underneath that. Mike & Pamela 97 U 320 1/3/10

What I did in the closets and cabinets: Bought strips of 1X2’s at Lowes.

Painted them a dark brown. Pushed them up against the corner of the cabinets and closets pulling the offending headliner up against the wall. Drilled a hole then drove in a long screw which FT use on everything it seems. I bought them at FT but I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart. Sold as deck screws. Dennis 99 36 270 4/19/10