Ignition: Solenoids

Currently, the use of two Bosch® relays has taken the place of the canister type ignition solenoid. This has proven to be reliable, with no failures to date.

All Unihomes and Unicoaches, 1995 and later, can be retrofitted to accept the Bosch® relays. There is a kit available from the Nacogdoches Parts Department (part number P38154) that should be installed only in chronic failure situations. Otherwise, G.M.® part number 1114534 should be used. This particular solenoid is a 100 amp continuous duty, canister type solenoid, with a low failure rate.

Coaches prior to 1995 should have G.M.® part number 1114534 or Prestolite® 15-311 installed in the dash. Both solenoids are rated at 100 amps continuous duty.

The Prestolite® part number 15-316 that is commonly used as a dash solenoid is rated at 200 amp. It should be used as a boost solenoid only!

When an ignition solenoid fails to energize and supply power to ignition hot accessories, it has been found that replacing the existing ground wire with a heavier 14 gauge ground wire has corrected the problem in many cases.

This wire needs to be 14 gauge, Green, 95” (inches) in length with ring terminals on each end. The wire needs to be routed neatly from the ground terminal on the solenoid to the ground bar on the opposite side of the dash. by Foretravel

Specs on the Bluesea 9012– it is in a different league than the old mechanical solenoids and well worth the money if you want a permanent solution:  Solenoid Switch L-Series 12-24V – PN 9012 – Blue Sea Systems by Brett Wolfe 1993 U240

Cranking Rating: 10 sec. 1,500 Amps*
Cranking Rating: 1 min. 850 Amps*
Intermittent Rating: 5 min. 600 Amps*
Continuous Rating of 450 Amps*
Nominal Voltage 12/24 Volt DC
Rated Switch Cycles 1,000,000
Amperage Operating Current – continuous 0.13A @ 12 Volts DC
0.07A @ 24 Volts DC
Amperage Operating Current – when changing state 3.8 Amps
Terminal Stud Size 5/16″ (M8)
Terminal Stud Length 5/8″ (15.87 mm)
Terminal Stud Torque 80 in-lb (9.0 Nm)
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 2/0 AWG x 2
Mounting #10
Control Circuit Connection Tinned Wire
Input Voltage 9-36 Volts DC
Contact Form SPST-NO
Weight Lb (Kg) 1.00 (0.45)