Microwave: Changing a Fuse on a Sharp Microwave

by Barry and Cindy 1997 U270 36′

Our Sharp microwave convection oven stopped working.

I removed top horizontal air vent plastic cover (pried off). After removing the single screw over the control panel, I lifted panel up about 1/2″ and pulled away from the oven.

After making a wire connector diagram, I removed several wire connectors from the back of the panel and removed the panel. Inside the space behind the panel is a fuse that was blown. I removed the wire connectors to the fuse holder, cleaned the fuse holder and replaced the fuse with the exact same type. In my case fuse is 15 amp fast-acting type 3AB or ABC ceramic type. Radio Shack p/n 270-1040 for a package of 2. Ours has blown twice in 4 years.