Microwave: Replacement 2003 U295

I think the 2000+ microwaves attach differently than earlier models. Pat poked around the internet and found some additional information on removing it from the wall. It should only have the two screws coming up from the filter area. She even found a reference to good support for it when we take it out…. see below.  Someone actually had a photo using this ottoman as support (plus a phonebook). It just might work.

The Sharp microwave has finally been replaced. Here is how we did it.

1. Get a friend to help…. it is pretty heavy and it is easy to scratch the wall on the refrigerator side (thankfully this did not happen to us!).

2. As shown, the ottoman works well as support. An additional towel or blanket makes it tight.

3. Remove the grill (two screws) and unplug.

4. Remove bottom diagonal screws (remove bottom filters to access them). They take a Phillips or regular screwdriver, but a small socket works best. 

5. Remove the other screws holding the microwave. If you open the door to the microwave, they are easy to access. The ones on the top of the microwave are about an inch long and screw into the cabinet above the microwave.

6. Have one person secure the microwave and remove the ottoman (or whatever you are using).

7. Tip the microwave down while it is still on the ledge of the microwave wall support. Remove the cord. Now pull the microwave forward and off of the ledge. It should now be free.

8. Remove and rotate the fan such that it is in the “exhaust up” position. A damper comes with the microwave, but there is no room for it, at least in our installation.

9. You may want to remove the outside cover of the new microwave and use the old one since it has holes for the mounting screws on top and on the side. This is easy to do. Just a few screws to remove.   

10. Check the duct to make sure it is clear.

11. Install the new microwave. First place the bottom back edge of the microwave on the bottom ledge of the wall bracket (front down, back up on bracket). Next, start feeding in the cord. Now raise the front and push it into place while feeding the cord into its compartment. Now support the microwave with the ottoman and replace the screws.