Shades: Electric Windshield Shade Slipping

by Barry Beam 4/23/2009

I have been having an ongoing issue with my electric windshield shades. They keep sliding down until they are at the end of the roll. The rod was slipping around the motor.

I tried wrapping the motor end with some rough tape to make it tighter when I slipped it back into the rod. No Luck.

The shade finally slipped all the way & came off the rod. Looks like it was held on with tape all the way across. I had replaced the motor once but it did not solve the problem.

I thought the fabric was to heavy for the motor. Finally, I talked to David Flannagan at Foretravel & he said to drill a hole through the metal rod & plastic ribbed motor & insert a rivet. That way it can no longer slip around the motor.

It worked like a charm. No more slipping.

Such a simple solution after dealing with it for years.