Touchlite Sensor Control: Intellitec Module Wiring

For all coaches with the “Touch Light Control” on the entry door assist handle, there exists the possibility that moisture can get into the grounding screw on that handle (The bottom screw in the lower base).

This situation will cause the light to come on and stay on.

To correct this situation, remove the lower base and drill the lower bottom hole to accept a plastic wall anchor (Do not use a metal anchor). Next, seal and reinstall the lower base. This procedure will prevent moisture from grounding the control, thus allowing the light to come on.

* NOTE * The plastic wall anchors mentioned above are available at your local hardware stores and are used to hang pictures and attach other items to sheet-rock walls. Use a #10-14 plastic wall anchor for this procedure.

If you have added the plastic anchor at the base of the light and it continues to be too sensitive, you can open the control box and locate the resistor marked R8. This is a 39K resistor.

Remove this resistor and install a 27K resistor in its place. These are readily available through local Radio Shack stores

Intellitec’s TouchLite is a sensor pad activated control for outdoor lighting. When wired into an existing 12 Volt outdoor porch light, it provides 30 seconds of light to allow the user to find the door key and unlock the door in a darkened area.

TouchLite wires in parallel with the existing outdoor light switch. It will in no way interfere with the normal operation of the switch. It easily installs by drilling a 3/8” diameter hole through the coach wall and mounting the control on the inside and the sensor pad on the outside.

The sensor touch-pad is of non-corrosive stainless steel, over-molded with clear plastic to allow the color of the surface to which it is mounted to show through. TouchLite provides just enough time to allow you to find your keys on that dark night in a secluded campground. Just touch and go!


Part Number: 00-00098-000
Operating Voltage 8 -16 Volts DC
Current output 1.5 Amps Max
Lamp power 18 Watts Max
Time Delay 20 -40 seconds
Quiescent current 0.001 Amp typical
Fits wall sizes 0.5 -2.5 inches thick



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