Washer/ Dryer: Cleaning the Splendide Filter

by Splendide

Follow these simple instructions to clean your washer-dryers’ drain filter:

Before you begin:

Place a towel beneath the filter area to catch the small amount of water that may come out.

1. With the machine empty and OFF, turn the Program Selector Knob to the start of the first spin cycle.

Now push the power button ON. The machine will begin spinning.

NOTE: You will have two min. from spin start to clean the filter before the pump begins cycling water.

2. Open the service door by pressing on the left side

Turn the filter counter-clockwise to release it from its housing. Pull it out.

NOTE: If you have difficulty, the rubber handle ends of pliers or a similar tool can be used to unscrew or tighten the filter.

3. Clean the filter under running water to help remove all lint and debris.

Replace the filter by sliding it back into its housing and turning clockwise to tighten securely.

Close the service door. Turn the machine power OFF.

The drain filter protects the pump from lint and foreign matter and MUST be cleaned regularly.



This new 2100XC design improves the dryer section with a larger drum, computer-controlled tumble for self-balancing, and better airflow. We found it to be much superior to the old design.

In addition, they eliminated the lint screen with a design feature that catches the lint in water and flushes it down the drain. Nice idea, but not quite perfect in results.


With use the lint eventually sticks inside and restricts, then plugs the air outlet, making the dryer useless.


Splendide has developed a work-around fix attached to this post. They suggest running the machine through a flush procedure periodically to prevent this issue. Mine was so bad I had to go through both levels, but it works. The object is to run it through the flush procedure before it gets really bad so you don’t have to pull it out to fix it with the second procedure.


1. Run the unit without clothes and with the dry time off on cycle # 11.

2. When the water stops entering the unit push and holds the start button until all the lights come on then release the button.

3. Next, move the cycle knob to cycle # 2 and press the start button once (do not hold).

4. Let it run through that complete cycle. 

5. Do this twice.

If infrequent use, do this once each month to avoid buildup.

If the above treatment fails, try it again, adding a cup of white vinegar to break down the deposited soap and fabric softener.


1. Pull the unit out and remove the flexible exhaust duct.

2. Pick out as much lint as you can from the air outlet on the back of the dryer.

3. Put a garden hose in the outlet and blow the blockage into the washer.

4. Run the washer on a short cycle. The blockage breaks up and goes out of the drain.