Coach Care: Bay Storage Essentials

Good insurance for RV travel is a smartly equipped bay storage area. Outlined below are some items to consider adding to your inventory that will help keep you prepared for any contingency.

Invest in a quality metal toolbox that includes: electric drill and bits, pocket knife, utility knife with spare razors, electrical tape, duct tape, wire ties, pliers, measuring tape, crescent wrench, ball peen hammer, rubber hammer, screwdriver (standard and Phillips), flashlight with extra batteries, can opener, bungee cords, and a rope. To prevent the box from rolling around the bay, it may help to bolt the toolbox in place.

To operate and maintain the electrical system, include a few items in addition to the vehicle power cord and adapters: battery hydrometer, spare fuses and bulbs, distilled water for liquid lead-acid batteries, a test light, wire brush, wire strippers, spare wire, DC 12-volt multi-meter, A/C volt polarity 120 tester, 12-Volt connectors and an extension cord for hand tools.

To manage the onboard water system, travel with a potable hose, regular hose and nozzle, sewer hose and clamps, tank deodorizer, a box of rubber gloves, a water jug and a pressure regulator.

There are a number of items you may require while the RV is parked: leveling blocks, tire pressure gauge, spray lube, television cable cord, indoor/outdoor carpet mat, outdoor tablecloth, and lawn chairs. If you camp in remote locations, it may be prudent to include a round tip shovel and hatchet.

For exterior care carry along cotton cloths, paper towels, trash bags, a bucket, squeegee, sponge, stepladder, silicone caulk, WD-40.

Personal protection is important when working around the vehicle so be sure to equip yourself with eye protection, knee pads, outside shoes, first aid kit, work gloves, and coveralls.

For roadside safety in the event, it becomes necessary to stop in the shoulder, carry road flares, reflective cones and a flashlight with spare batteries.

Clear plastic containers with lids will help you to keep items clean and organized. One time each year remove all items from the storage bays and thoroughly clean each box. Inventory each box. Clean tools, replace worn items and remove anything you haven’t used.