Coach Care: RV Repair and Maintenence Tools to Carry

Depending on how much work you can do yourself will determine what tools you may want to carry.

Inside the living area the tools to have at hand are:
3 LED flashlights
1 “headlight” flashlight
Extra batteries
1 Lineman Multitool
First Aid kit
Reflective “road worker vest”
NOAA emergency radio
2 FRS (family radio system) handy-talkies

Under coach storage:
Cordless Drill/flashlight set
Work gloves, safety glasses
10-ton bottle jack capable of lifting the RV
Pop Rivet gun with an assortment of rivets
Glue gun with multipurpose sticks
12 volt LED flashlight (work light)
Duct Tape White and Orange
Aluminum Tape (weatherproof seal if something got cracked )
Rescue Tape
2 rolls Teflon tape
Air pressure gauge
Air pressure hose that can reach all tires to keep all tires properly inflated
Two containers of multipart marine epoxy
1 tube silicone sealer – clear
1 tube silicone sealer – white
1 Can Silicon lube
1 can PB blaster
1 can Antiseize
6 feet of ½ id heater hose
2 emergency heater hose splice kits (a multi-sized barbed fitting that fits a ½-1 inch hose)
A few hose clamps
6′ collapsible step-ladder
Triangular reflective safety markers (in case of breakdown), and wheel chocks

1 small heavy plastic drop cloth – can be used as an emergency window cover, ground cover to crawl under coach

26-inch aluminum pipe wrench – this is indispensable for emergencies, it can be used from everything from tightening a loose trailer ball to bending heavy metal, breaking fittings loose and anywhere you need a big tool to pry or loosen or force something in an emergency.

Complete set of filters (excluding the air filters) and a set of Belts for the engine and the generator. 
4 Primary (plus carry an extra sight bowl)
2 Secondary
4 Generator Fuel and one each of all the oil filters
Extra engine oil, hydraulic fluid for the transmission, brake fluid, and windshield cleaner
Set of windshield wipers
2 plastic funnels
One-gallon water bottle (can be filled from RV freshwater tank) and funnel for adding water to your radiator.

Mechanical tools:
Largest craftsman screwdriver assortment set
1 multi-bit screwdriver large kit (Torx and the square head)
Gear wrench multi-bit drive set
12 PC drill bit set ( up to ½ inch)
1 set combo wrenches  – metric
1 set combo wrenches  up to 7/8 size – std
1 set gear wrench – Std
1 set gear wrench metric
1 set of 3 vice grips + one extra-large vice grip
1 needle nose vice grip
1 large channel lock
1 medium channel lock
Large – medium and small adjustable wrenches
8 pairs of pliers including needle nose, angled needle nose, wire cutters and regular
1 3/8 drive socket set
1 ½ drive socket set
Socket adapters
One big ½ breaker bar and a piece of pipe
24 inch Pry bar
Magnetic pickup tool
Scratch awl, multiple shaped hook tool
Two strap wrenches, one small – one larger (to change filters)
Hack Saw
Handle saw (one that uses a saws-all blade)
A rubber mallet, and a hammer

Electrical tools:
Battery jumper cables
Wire terminal crimp tool
Assorted small wire pliers/cutters
Lineman’s pliers
Electricians scissors
Dremel Kit
Multimeter (get a good one)
12-volt tester light
110-volt tester
DC Amp Meter
Small plastic box with an assortment of wire end connectors, terminals
Small plastic box with an assortment of nuts, screws, clips, etc
Regular 110 volt wire nuts ( get a small assortment)
Electrical tape – Scotch 33
Alligator clip test leads (4)
Small Soldering iron and rosin core solder
Wire tie assortment
50 ft 12 gauge automotive wire – red
50 ft 12 gauge automotive wire – black
100′ heavy-duty extension cord
A spare, 200 amp solenoid