Lighting: Porch light repair on a 2002 U320 or similar model

If you have problems with your porch light, the control box and relay are located inside (behind) the box that holds a 110v plug, passenger side heater control, 12v outlet, and magazine rack. A $63 part from MOT (probably $100 from Foretravel) and at least two hours labor (if you know where to look and know what you are doing) and you might be lucky to have 1/4 inch of wire to work with.

There are four wires that go straight into the floor from this relay and control box.

A regular size screwdriver doesn’t have enough clearance because of the passenger seat. They used square head screws and then down INSIDE that box there is another screw that holds the box to the floor. We couldn’t figure out its purpose and I could not figure a way to access it.

The challenge comes when you have to remove that box with the magazine rack.  There are two square head screws right where the magazine rack joins the box with the cupholder and plugs. They are hidden behind the little knobby things that pop off. 

Now the other FOUR (or more) square head screws can only be accessed AFTER you remove all the plugs (110v, 12v, switches & other paraphernalia hanging on that box. Yes, you have to remove all that stuff and then very carefully reach inside the little openings to get to those nasty square-headed screws. 

Then there is ONE more that holds the box to the floor that the ONLY way you can get it loose is to Yank the box off the floor. Not sure who came up with that totally unnecessary screw or how they ever installed it. Don’t worry, no one will ever see the damage that you may cause when you rip it out. by John Christman 02 U320 40′ 12/07