Lighting: Replacing Mood Lighting

I replaced the exterior 2 pieces of rope lighting and paid less for the 100′ roll than it was going to cost at FT for the single piece that runs along the side. 

Foretravel used a “P” shaped rope, with pop riveting to hold it on. I drilled out all pop rivets and since this is 3/8″ round, I used the nylon P-clips shown on the website. 
The clear plastic “U” clips would work fine inside, but would quickly get brittle outside. I think I have extra “U” clips as the roll came with a package of them that I did not use outside.

The Nylon “P” clips are easy to find at hardware stores and I don’t have extra of them. I don’t know how your current pieces are mounted. The stuff I have is from and it comes in a 150′ roll. It is clear and maybe safely cut into pieces as small as 6″ (there are little scissors imprinted on the rope at the spots where you may cut it). You may want to buy the connector cables.

The gist of it is that there are two wires embedded in the plastic and you need to make contact with them as positive and ground. They sell cables with premade ends for $9.88 for a bag of 5. The other ends are just caps and they are $.62 for 5. Not really necessary inside the coach. There are several kinds of cables there if you want to buy them, so be careful which you buy (110 volt, splices, extensions, 3 wire, etc.) if you buy them…you need 12 volts, 2 wire “Power cords