Plumbing: Utility Panel Removal

By Byron Knight 1/27/09

This might only be of interest to those who have 2003 (or thereabouts). Foretravel and even more limited to those who want to know how to access the waste valve assembly of the black tank.

I finally got to warmer weather and tore into the driver’s side utility bay today. The access panel I had to remove is the one that has the paper towel holder, electrical outlet, etc. It is above the panel that the black/gray waste dump handles to pass through. To loosen the panel only required the removal of the three obvious screws and razor cutting the silicone caulking around the edges and bottom. To actually be able to work in the bay required that I remove the panel which was more work. I had to take all the electrical / cable connections apart and even take off the top part of the faucet so the panel could swing-out. Once the panel was out of the way, I could see how the handle, with the wire, was attached to the blade assembly. I would have never guessed how it was configured but it made sense after I saw it. In my case, the Allen set screw, which connects the wire to the blade assembly, had released. That was why the handle pulled free.