TV: 2000 U295 Front 26 inch TV Replacement

by John Haygarth 2000 U295 36′

I put a 26″ on the front face of the tv cabinet over driver but to cabinet off and removed 4″ of the box then re-glued it etc. I made my own mount for tv out of plywood and 2″x2″ and after figuring out exactly were it would fit screwed in down with TV already fastened to frame by reaching into the cab” from the smaller one over drivers window.

Once in place, I then shaped a piece of the old material I cut off and placed it under the TV to support it. I then made a simple aluminum brkt to go around the edge of tv and cabinet to hold it tight against.

I placed foam tape between all faces of wood/ TV for friction stop. It has not moved (and cannot) and even Barry and Cindy think it looks fine. I actually think if you do what I did with the little side clamps and at the bottom, you can most probably get away without a rear bracket. I put a 19″ in the bedroom on the face of cabinet and now use that old tv cabinet to store our vacuum cleaner and access from the closet.

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