Water Pump: Accumulator Tank Model 182 Installation

The SHURflo Accumulator tank is a bladder type pressure storage vessel and/or pulsation-dampening device designed to hold water under pressure. The accumulator tank provides additional water storage to assist the pump in meeting the total demands of the system. It extends the pressure switch-controlled pump life by reducing pump on-off pulsation. NOTE: This product is not recommended for use with a

4900 or 5900 Series Smart Sensor Pump.

• See Product label and Specifications section on page 2 for factory pre-charge pressure. Do not exceed 40 psi [2.7 bar] pressure for long-term storage, shipping, or during system non-use.

• It is recommended the pre-charge be checked seasonally, or any time the accumulator does not appear to be functioning properly. Temperature extremes and changes in altitude can affect accumulator pressure and performance. Use a standard tire pressure gauge to check the pressure. The valve stem cap MUST be tight to prevent air leakage.

• The accumulator may be placed anywhere in the pressurized side of the plumbing. It should be installed after the pump and before any filters or check valves that can add back pressure to the pump or system. The ports are non- directional inflow and do not have to be plumbed inline (one side can be capped).

• The accumulator can be mounted in any position. However, for complete sanitizing/winterizing, the recommended mounting position is with the pre-charge valve stem up. Do not freeze or mount near a high heat source.

• Threaded fittings (plastic/nylon only) should be torqued approximately 1/2 to 1 turn after hand-tightened. Never exceed 6 ft/lbs [88 Nm] of torque on the ports. Plumb the system using high pressure (2x pump rating), braided, flexible tubing to minimize vibration/noise.


The accumulator contributes to longer pump life, less noise, less amperage draw, and reduced water pulsation. The most efficient use of the accumulator occurs with the pre-charge set at the SAME pressure as the pump’s pressure switch “turn on” setting. Typically, a 45 psi [3 bar] pump will turn on around 30 psi [2.07 bar]. Therefore, the pre-charge should also be 30 psi [2.07 bar]. The pre-charge MUST be set in a “static” condition (pump off and at least one water fixture opened).

Depending on pre-charge pressure to the accumulator, in relation to the pump turn on/off pressures, the stored liquid is about 2 to 4 oz. [60-120 ml]. If the accumulator tank pre-charge exceeds the pump turn on pressure, the liquid volume is reduced.


When used as a dampening device/water hammer or noise suppressor, the pre-charge should be set at the operating (dynamic) pressure. Place a gauge in the offending plumbing where the accumulator can be mounted. Adjust the valve so the noise is generated and read the pressure. Set the pre-charge to the observed pressure, remove the gauge, and install the accumulator. Refer to SHURflo Service Bulletin #1024 for more application information.

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Does not function; pump cycles rapidly Check air pressure.
Add or remove air as necessary.
Water leaks from the valve The diaphragm is torn or has a hole.
Replace accumulator.
Does not hold air pressure Screws loose, air valve, torn/hole in the diaphragm. Replace accumulator.
Leaks from fittings or ports Check the fitting connection. Ports must seal on the internal port taper, Ports should not be sealed on threads with NPT fittings


Check air pressure with the pump off and one or more faucets open [no water pressure in the system]. Adjust the pressure as needed. If the unit leaks water from the air valve or does not hold pressure, the unit must be replaced.

NOTE: There are no replacement parts or kits for this accumulator. If it is not working, it must be removed or replaced.


To winterize, drain all water from the system. Blow system out with low-pressure air, or add potable water anti-freeze. Never use automotive anti-freeze. Death or severe injury can occur.


Maximum Working Pressure 125 psi [25 bar]
Pre-Charge Pressure: Models 182-100 & 182-200: 30 psi [2.07 bar]
  Models 182-102 & 182-202: 20 psi [1.4 bar]
Total Volume: (gas/liquid): 24 oz. [709 ml]
Temperature Range: 34-120° F [1-49°C]
Diameter: 3 3/4” [95 mm]
Length: 8 3/4” [22 cm]
Listings: CSA & NSF listed
Housing Material: Nylon
Bladder Material: Butyl
Ports: 1/2-14NPSM-Male
Mounting Bracket: Two 7/32″ [5.3 mm] φ holes at 4-1/16″ [103 mm] centerline apart

911-731-D 04/08