Ceiling: Trim

by Dwayne Keith 1992 U240

After replacing the A/C units, the vinyl-covered trim had a big gap in the bedroom because the unit is smaller. After trying to match the vinyl and slicing in some from the TV replacement (disaster), I decided to get some trim from Lowes and use the leftover Minwax Polyshades Antique Walnut that Pat C discovered and it came out really nice. It looks much better in person. The TV job from the previous thread looks a bit worse than the pictures.

It was a basketweave pattern a little slimmer than the 3″ vinyl strip. The came in 8′ sections for about $12 per piece. I needed 4. It is probably pine. I used the wood conditioner and put three coats of stain on it. It looks very similar to the plywood TV enclosure box and pretty close to the walnut interior generally.

At least on my coach, some of the original walnuts were darker and some of it is lighter so all of it looks like it belongs together. The trim strip came out great. It looks very elegant. It looks like the vinyl should be leather. I didn’t do the greatest job of trimming around the A/C unit in the bedroom but for my level of craftsmanship it came out ok. It looks better than it did before which is what I was trying to accomplish. I cut each piece to 7′ with the last one in the bedroom is around 6 1/2′ and between each piece I used a square piece of trim that I found right next to the others. They are a little thicker though. I should have sanded the corners because a tall person coming in would have to be careful. I cut notches out of each square so that the trim boards tucked under the edge. I bought a few bags of 3/8ths wood buttons and countersunk each hole (1′ spacing). They tapped right in over the screws with a rubber mallet. I reused the same screws that held the vinyl-covered trim.