Retarder: Accumulator Bracket Failure

Foretravel has become aware of an issue where a weld on the transmission retarder accumulator mounting bracket may fail due to bracket damage or fatigue. The only affected coaches are year model 1998 through 2007 with 450 or 500 hp Cummins M11 or ISM engines having the retarder accumulator mounted to the engine bell housing.

The accumulator is mounted to a 1/4″ X 5″ plate approximately 12 1/2″ long, this plate is welded to a horizontal mounting tab from underneath, and this tab is then bolted to the engine bell housing allowing for mounting of the bracket and accumulator.

When these particular coaches are being serviced in your shop the bracket should be inspected for cracking or damage in the bottom weld area. It will take less than 15 minutes to inspect. As a courtesy, Foretravel will provide the inspection at no charge to the customer in your shop. If there are signs that the bracket should be replaced, and the coach is under warranty, Foretravel will supply a new mounting bracket and labor to replace at no charge to the customer. Call Foretravel Technical Services (936) 564-8367, extension 259 or 237 for prior approval before replacing bracket.

If a non-warrantable replacement is needed the bracket (Part # P23439SVC) can be ordered directly from Foretravel Parts Dept. The approximate retail price of the bracket is $67.00. It will take approximately 45 minutes to replace. The customer will be responsible for non-warrantable replacement parts and labor.

Customers wanting to know if your coach needs inspection or you are unable to conveniently take your coach to a Foretravel Authorized Service Center for inspection should contact Foretravel Technical Services (936) 564-8367, extension 259 or 237 for assistance.

Bracket and Solenoid pieces dragging under the coach. Also shows the location of bracket attachment location above

You should be able to see how easy this would be able to spot via inspection from below.

Retarder Accumulator Bracket Failure

A better perspective of location of bracket.

From the engine battery access door on curb side

Shows where the metal fractured

New bracket is gusseted to eliminate stress fracture