1. The Foretravel chassis: Drive the chassis that really started it all! Our unique chassis design now sets the standard for coaches in this class, and as always, we build it from the ground up.
  2. Drivability: Our superior suspension, lower center-of-gravity, and well-engineered weight distribution provide an extremely responsive and secure driving experience. You have to drive one to feel the difference!
  3. 36/36 Full Coach Warranty: Think about it…a full coach warranty on the chassis and motorhome for a full 36 months or 36,000 miles. You won’t find a better, more comprehensive motorhome warranty anywhere.
  4. Our reputation: You know us! We’ve been around for over 35 years building great motorhomes and creating satisfied customers.
  5. Air disc brakes: We think the ability to stop is pretty important. That’s why every Foretravel built has all-wheel, air-operated disc brakes with anti-lock brakes standard. Most motorhomes don’t even offer them as options.
  6. Allison transmission retarder: We’re the only manufacturer to include an Allison transmission retarder as standard equipment on every coach we build. Tests show that these retarders provide almost twice the braking power of compression brakes and almost three times the braking power of exhaust brakes. Sure, they cost more, but isn’t your safety worth it?
  7. The Club: The Foretravel Motorcade Club offers benefits and travel opportunities far beyond most other clubs. Enjoy the experience of sharing the fun and fellowship of the RV lifestyle with other Foretravel owners.
  8. Willingness to customize: Foretravel’s motto has for many years been, “Built Especially for You.” We will customize most models to meet your special needs or desires, whether it is colors, interiors, floor plans or something else.
  9. Experienced production people: The average age of a Foretravel production staff member is 35 years, and the average length of employment is more than 10 years. We don’t have to “re-train” our employees every year.
  10. Exclusivity of ownership: Foretravel is a family- and employee-owned corporation that’s proud to manufacture a limited number of very high-quality motorhomes each year. That makes every Foretravel owner very special to us.
  11. Air leveling system: Foretravel’s unique air leveling system provides a more dependable and safer leveling system than hydraulic jacks. You’ll never have to crawl under your coach to place jack pads or free up a stuck jack. And it automatically keeps your coach level.
  12. Lower coach height: Having a lower overall coach height of 11′ – 6 1/2″ makes for a lower center of gravity that noticeably improves handling and performance. (You can also drive under a 12’ overhead door.)
  13. Cabinetry: You’ve always heard about Foretravel’s cabinetwork, haven’t you? Well, it’s true. By producing everything ourselves in-house, we provide the “fine furniture quality” fit and finish you expect from Foretravel. Look at how everything fits the way it should. Feel the finish. Then you’ll see our reputation is very well deserved.
  14. Size of chassis steel: It’s all about strength and the 3/8″ and 1/4″ wall thickness of steel tubing used in our chassis construction. Look for yourself…you won’t find any lightweight, thin-wall steel in a Foretravel.
  15. Power Tech generators: Superb 10.0-kW diesel generators from a great company that provides a dependable, quiet power source (mounted in a quiet box), unequaled service after the sale, and a long 3-year warranty.
  16. Gel cell batteries: Just think…no maintenance, no water to check and refill, no corrosion, longer life and a better, more dependable power source.
  17. Heated storage bays: Not only are they well insulated, but heated. This is a must for cold weather camping. Imagine, even in freezing temperatures, your stowed items stay warm and cozy.
  18. Shower size: We build our showers as large as we can make them…probably the largest in the industry. Plus, we add a showerhead slide bar that makes it easy to adjust and direct the water where you need it.
  19. Dual fuel fill: Now you can refuel from either side or both sides at once. It takes the worry and stress out of re-fueling, and saves time in the process.
  20. Good use of space: Don’t waste it! If there’s a place, we use it for something. That’s why you’ll find an abundance of good, usable cabinet and closet space in every Foretravel. Compare for yourself…you’ll see what we mean.
  21. Creation Insulated Windows: These fine, insulated, thermo-break windows make it much more efficient to heat and cool your Foretravel, and they go quietly about their work of reducing the outside noise inside your coach.
  22. Power mirrors: At the touch of a finger, you can easily adjust our chrome exterior mirrors to suit your driving needs. And they’re heated for quick defrosting.
  23. Solid Surface Counter Tops: There are many advantages to Foretravel’s solid-surface countertop material. We make it ourselves to the proper size so there are no seams and it fits. It’s also easy to maintain, repairs easily and looks great.
  24. Furniture fabrics: We buy our interior fabrics direct from the mills and have them treated with flame retardant and for soil resistance. You’ll notice an abundance of quality fabrics and leathers in every Foretravel.
  25. Drinking-Water Filter: We include a drinking water filter in every Foretravel because you never know what kind of water you’re getting in a campground. It provides filtered water to your kitchen sink and icemaker.
  26. Professional wiring and breaker panels: We use self-resetting circuit breakers instead of fuses. Foretravel wiring is neat, orderly, routed safely and properly labeled.
  27. Storage bay floors: Storage bay floors are insulated, heated, carpeted, and protected with a sheet of fiberglass underneath the coach. There’s no bare steel exposed to the elements.
  28. Drawers with full extension slides: Our cabinet drawers are the best…completely hand-made in our own shop with full extension ball-bearing drawer slides for total access, strength and trouble-free operation without any rattles or wobbles.
  29. Ceramic tile floor standard in all kitchens and bathrooms: A Foretravel standard…easy to keep, and they look great!
  30. Inverter standard: Inverters generally make RV life much easier. Make coffee, dry your hair, watch TV, cook your toast…all without starting the generator. Standard on every Foretravel.
  31. Whole house electrical surge suppression system standard on all coaches: Protect your appliances with this neat feature that’s standard for all Foretravels.
  32. Flip-up color back up monitor: standard on all models.
  33. Consolidated components bay: Consolidating all the “under-floor” components into one storage bay makes the other storage bays more usable.
  34. Girard automatic patio awnings: standard on all U295 and U320 models. Push a button, and it’s done…on all U295 and U320 models.
  35. Porcelain toilets: You wouldn’t have a plastic toilet in your home, so why have one in your motorhome? They’re also attractive, durable and easy to clean.
  36. Steel sidewall to floor bushings: We use steel bushings to provide a metal-to-metal connection between sidewalls and floors so the plywood sub-floors don’t get crushed and the sidewalls don’t loosen up down the road.
  37. Roof frame overlaps sidewall: A special extrusion designed by and used only by Foretravel, makes our roof frames overlap the sidewall frames by 1-1/2,” providing tremendous strength and connections that are leak-, dust- and draft-proof.
  38. Alcoa aluminum wheels with Dura-Bright: Beautiful, shiny aluminum wheels that are easy to keep that way. The first aluminum wheel you don’t polish or scrub – just spray with soap and water.
  39. Joey Bed: The original slide-out tray for easy access to stored “stuff”… standard on U295s and U320s.
  40. Air-operated step-well cover: Enjoy a flat floor in front of the co-pilot seat because the stepwell cover is air-operated for more comfort and safety. Opens and closes at the touch of a button…much nicer than an exposed step well.
  41. Fiberglass sheet on the inside of walls: A continuous sheet of the fiberglass inside the sidewalls, just under the paneling, provides greater strength, stability and better insulation, plus it considerably reduces condensation.
  42. Crowned roof: Foretravel puts a crown in the roof of every coach to ensure water runoff, virtually eliminating the possibility of water pooling. Crowned roofs are strong enough not only to be walked on but could easily support the weight of a car.
  43. Larger holding tanks: Our gray water tank of 115 gallons will hold more than our freshwater tank of 112 gallons can put into it. What good is a large water tank if you don’t have anywhere to put it? Plus, our 56-gallon black tank is more than adequate for extended “dry camping.”
  44. Stability of ownership: Unlike many manufacturing companies, Foretravel has never been bought or sold, and has never claimed bankruptcy in any form. Actually, the family that started the company more than thirty-five years ago is still running it.
  45. No pressed wood: No water-absorbing pressed wood or cheap particleboard products are used in the construction of Foretravel motorhomes. Only the finest grades of plywood and paneling are used, and Marine Grade plywood is used for the sub-floors.
  46. Continuous run wiring: We make our own 12-volt and 110-volt wiring harnesses to eliminate splices and tees, and direct wire to each device. We also run extra wires just in case you need them for something else later on.
  47. Residential carpet installation: Some manufacturers put the carpet down first, and then set the walls and cabinets on top of it. Foretravel lays carpet as you would in your home…heavy foam pad with tack strips, and it’s cut-to-fit. This makes for a stronger unit and is easier to change down the road.
  48. Full-sized furniture: We know you don’t get smaller when you travel in your motorhome. That’s why we use only full-size furniture by Villa in every Foretravel. We feel you should be as comfortable in your motorhome as in your “other” home.
  49. Removable fuel tank: Hopefully, you’ll never need to, but if you do, our lightweight aluminum diesel fuel tank can be removed for easy replacement. In some other motorhome brands, the coach has to be dismantled to get the tank out.
  50. Sliding shelf under the kitchen sink: Everything at your fingertips! You don’t have to get on your knees to reach something way back under the kitchen sink. Just slide the shelf out for easy access to all your “under-the-sink” items.
  51. Flexible arm map lights for pilot and co-pilot: As you navigate, these bright map lights illuminate without distracting, and also flex so the light goes exactly where you need it.
  52. Pulse arc welding: We use special Pulse-Arc welding machines that allow deeper weld penetration without extraneous overheating that can cause warping and distortion of the steel. It just does an overall better job.
  53. Smart wheel: The Smart Wheel® steering wheel, standard in every Foretravel, puts the headlamp flash and marker lamp flash, cruise control, and wiper/washer controls right at your fingertips. The wheel also tilts and telescopes for driving comfort and is lighted for night driving.
  54. Larger fuel tank: The enormous 180-gallon diesel fuel tank and the range it provides make fuel stops few and far between.
  55. Ducted air system: Our ducted air system creates a quiet, cool environment, and allows the front or rear to be cooled with either unit.
  56. Full 60” x 80” queen bed: We use 60″ x 80″ queen mattresses, not just “about” queen-size mattresses. Sheets can be bought right off the shelf in any store, and they’ll fit.
  57. Comfort Control System: Control the cooling and heating of your Foretravel from one convenient location. Like the thermostat you’re used to at home, it puts you in complete control.
  58. Microwave accepts 9” x 13” pan: This is pretty self-explanatory…a standard 9 x 13 pan (glass, of course) fits nicely in your microwave/convection oven. The cook will love it!
  59. Day/night shades: Have it light when you want it and dark when you don’t. Day/Night shades are convenient, easy to operate, look good and don’t rattle. Once you’ve had them, you’ll never go back to mini-blinds.
  60. Leaf for dining table: Made of matching Foretravel solid-surface material, just get it out when you need extra table space and put it away when you don’t. It’s standard on every Foretravel.
  61. Name brand appliances: There are just fewer problems and better service when name brands we all recognize, such as Dometic®, Magic Chef®, General Electric®, Sharp®, Panasonic®, and others, are used. Off-brand appliances are not even an option with Foretravel.
  62. Lighted storage bays: No dark corners here! More than ample light is provided for easy viewing and finding what you’re searching for.
  63. Manibloc water manifold: Like circuit breakers for water…if you need to shut the water off to only one device (such as a faucet), the Manibloc system can do it and you still have water to everything else.
  64. Analog dash gauges: Accurate, dependable, user-friendly, and easily repaired or replaced when needed, our analog dash gauges are great!
  65. User-friendly dash and cockpit switches: Everything’s right at your fingertips…no need to lean way forward just to flash your clearance lights. We want you to start out comfortable and stay that way.
  66. Engine and generator access: Easy to get to, easy to service. Rarely do you need to slide out the generator, but when you do, you can. And, the engine access is so large you can almost walk into it. This makes servicing a breeze.
  67. Floor protection in the engine compartment: We protect the floor with an aluminum wrap at the engine cutout that protects the plywood inner floor from moisture damage. This is one you’ll really have to search for in other brands.
  68. Convenient utility station: Everything in one place…hot and cold running water, water fill, soap, paper towels, dump hose connection, shoreline, cable TV and more. And, it’s all in a heated, weatherproof compartment!
  69. Sony entertainment system: Prepare to have your senses excited. The sound quality from Sony® components coupled with Bose® speakers is amazing.
  70. Coach retrieval hitches: This is another feature we hope you never need. But if you ever get your Foretravel stuck in the mud, it’s great to have a place to hook-up to and pull it out without damaging anything.
  71. Electric TV antenna: No more cranking cranks or turning knobs. It’s all done with the push of a button.
  72. Electric windshield privacy shades: Use them as sun visors while driving and as privacy shades when parked. Again, it’s all at the push of a button.
  73. Television technology: Enjoy the very latest in television viewing technology with flat screen and LCD TVs and Plasma monitors. The crisp images from these state-of-the-art components will leave you breathless.
  74. Remote jumper terminals: Standard on U320s, these provide easy access for battery jumping if it’s ever necessary.
  75. Multiplex lighting control: All U295s and U320s have this new method for controlling lighting and other 12-volt systems in your coach. Never search for a light switch again.
  76. Pneumatic seal for slide-outs: Automatically seal out air, dust, and water. And there are no unsightly flanges and gaskets on the side of your coach.
  77. Higher GVWRs: Lots of payloads to carry all your “stuff.” You’re probably trying to carry too much if you use it all.
  78. Excellent paint: Wow! Only the very best paint, numerous coats of clear coat and lots of sanding in between giving Foretravels that deep, glass-like sheen. It makes a big difference when you get really close. Take a look (and feel) for yourself.
  79. Automatic Traction Control: Automatically helps keep your coach under control when roads are slick. Just another Foretravel “peace-of-mind” feature.
  80. Keyless entry: Lock or unlock your entry door or storage bay doors at the press of a button. No more fumbling for keys, and it’s standard on every Foretravel.
  81. Seamless end-caps: We hand-finish the seams where our front and rear end-caps attach to the coach for a beautiful, seamless finish. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it.
  82. Parallel doors: Most of our storage bay doors are the bus-style, parallel type. They travel up and out parallel to the sidewall for easy access to stored items.
  83. Doorbell: Built into the entry handle, it allows guests to announce their arrival. A small thing, but what a nice little extra feature!
  84. The Foretravel Distinction: We are recognized as the leader in motorhome quality and craftsmanship. You’ll find this Foretravel brand of quality throughout each coach, not in just the beauty and luxury you can see, but in places, you’ll never see.