OREDOshkosh chassis Rear Engine Diesel
OFEDOshkosh chassis Front Engine Diesel
AGBDangled galley, bed slide (driver side)
AGBSangled galley, bed slide (curbside)
AGDSangled galley, double slide, 2002 40 or 42
CAIa center aisle, queen island bed, 36 or some 40’s – the bath is on one side, and the closet on the other.
CSGIcurbside galley, front entry
DGFEdouble galley, front entry, has a U-shaped kitchen, 40 or 42
PBBDprivate bath, bed slide (driver side)
PBBSprivate bath, bed slide (curb side)
PBDSprivate bath, double slide
PBFSprivate bath, front slide
RCFErear closet, front entry
SAIside aisle, island bed
SBside bath, twin beds
SBIside bath, island bed, The Bath, shower, commode, and sink are all on one side
SBIDside bath, island bed, dinette, and 2 chairs
WCDSwalk-in closet, double slide
WCFEwalk-in closet, front entry
WTBWalk Thru Bedroom
WTBDwalk through bath, bed slide (driver side)
WTBIwalk through bath, queen island bed
WTBSwalk through bath, bed slide (curbside)
WTFEwalk through bath, front entry, 36 or 40
WTFSwalk through bath, front slide
WTMEwalk through bath, mid-entry. rare 36 or 40
WTNSwalk through bath, non-slide, 36 40 42
RBrear bath