Floorplan Designations

ORED – Oshkosh chassis Rear Engine Diesel

OFED – Oshkosh chassis Front Engine Diesel

AGBD – angled galley, bed slide (driver side)

AGBS – angled galley, bed slide (curb side)

AGDS – angled galley, double slide 2002 40′ – 42′

CAI      – center aisle, queen island bed, 36 – some 40’s –
the bath is on one side, and the closet on the other.

CSGI   – curb side galley, front entry

DGFE – double galley, front entry, has a U-shaped kitchen, 40 or 42

PBBD – private bath, bed slide (driver side)

PBBS – private bath, bed slide (curb side)

PBDS – private bath, double slide

PBFS – private bath, front slide

RB      – rear bath – The last RB coach was produced in 1992.

All the RB units are front engine.

The advantage is a bath that spans the rear of coach.

RCFE – rear closet, front entry

SAI     – side aisle, island bed

SB     – side bath, twin beds

SBI    – Side Bath, Island Bed, The Bath / Shower / Commode and sink are all on one side.

SBID – side bath, island bed, dinette & 2 chairs

WCDS – walk-in closet , double slide

WCFE – walk-in closet, front entry

WTB    – walk thru bedroom

WTBD – walk thru bath, bed slide (drivers side)

WTBI   – walk thru bath, queen island bed

WTBS – walk thru bath, bed slide (curb side)

WTFE  – walk thru bath, front entry, 36′ or 40′

WTFS  – walk thru bath, front slide

WTME – walk thru bath, mid entry (rare 36 – 40)

WTNS  – walk thru bath, non slide 36′ – 40′ – 42′