TV: Disabling the shut off feature on the TV outlet


Any motor vehicle equipped with a television viewer, screen or other means of visually receiving a television broadcast shall have the viewer or screen located in the motor vehicle at a point to the rear of the back of the driver’s seat if such viewer or screen is in the same compartment as the driver and the viewer or screen shall be so located as not to be visible to the driver, while he/she is driving the motor vehicle. The operating controls for the television receiver shall be so located that the driver cannot operate them without leaving the driver’s seat.   Any questions??

If you want to disengage the lockout feature for testing purposes only, pull out the front TV gently; behind it will be a plug-in addition to the power plug for the TV.  Simply unplug that second plug and it should disconnect that feature. If you had an arm at least 4′ long you could reach this receptacle from the back of the TV cabinet by going behind all the “stuff” providing your arm was slim enough to fit behind it all.

An alternative to removing the box that prevents power to the TV when the ignition is on is to find the other end of the 12-volt wire on an ignition circuit breaker post and put a switch in the wire so it does not sense ignition voltage. The breakers are behind the large panel by the door. I found the #60 wire on the same terminal as the entry step. I removed the #60 wire from the terminal and it works.  The TV stays on with the engine running and in gear. Test Complete