Generator: Using the Diesel-Powered Generator

by Mike Harbordt

Change the oil and filter every 200 miles, per Stewart. The Fuel Filter similarly needs service at the Kubota interval. See specs. Spare filters and belts are in the Passenger Bay 3. Track operating hours in logbook.

To crank or shut down, simply push the Start/Stop button on the dash one time (do not hold it down)

Exercise the Generator at least monthly for 30 minutes under full load.


The Generator switches are on the right dash panel labeled Start/Stop and Auto/Manual. Another switch is in the bedroom.

Toggle the Start/Stop to turn it on or off (do not hold the switch down….let it go.)

Batteries can be kept charged if Shoreline power is unavailable and the coach is left unattended. Leave the Auto Start switch ON.

In this, the generator will come on when the batteries get low and go off after bringing them up to a charged level.

If the diesel fuel level in the diesel fuel tank falls below approximately ¼ tank, the generator will stop.

Of course, 120v power will not be provided. The refrigerator should run on the propane and 12v supplied to those systems.

The Auto Start mode is not usually needed.

If the generator goes into a fault shutdown mode, go to the generator and try the cooling fan reset button.

The Generator has an LED status panel and on the right two toggle switches. The upper toggle is the master and if not “ON”,  no generator switch will function. (Note: On the Generator, itself is a Genset control panel. There is an LED status panel and on the right side two toggle switches. The upper toggle is the master and the lower is a Start/Stop. If the Master is not “on”, no generator switch will function.)