HWH: Automatic Leveling Procedures and Diagnostics

Push the “LEVEL” (AIR) button once to turn the panel on.

Push the “LEVEL” button a second time. This will start the automatic leveling process.

The system will attempt to level the vehicle by lowering the high side and/or end of the vehicle (opposite side/end of lit yellow level indicators). If a pair of “LOWER” valves are on continuously for 45 seconds, the system will attempt to finish leveling by raising the low side or end of the vehicle (lit yellow level indicators). Once the system is in the raise mode it will not try to lower the vehicle again in that leveling sequence. If the front or rear of the vehicle is being lowered, and a pressure switch for that end comes on indicating low air pressure, the system will stop lowering the vehicle and go immediately into raise mode.

It will not wait for the 45-second timer.

When all yellow level indicators are out the “LEVELING SYSTEM ACTIVE LIGHT” will stop flashing and start pulsating dimly. The system is now in sleep mode. There is no delay between the yellow lights going out and the SYSTEM ACTIVE light pulsating dimly. The ignition key can be turned off. The SYSTEM ACTIVE light will continue to pulsate for 10 minutes. At that time the panel will turn off but the system will remain in the SLEEP mode.

SLEEP MODE: After all yellow lights have gone out, the system may be turned off or left in the SLEEP MODE. In the SLEEP MODE, the touch panel will be off but the processor will check the level sensing unit every half hour. If an input for a yellow level indicator is on continuously for 1 minute, the processor will wake up the system, turn the touch panel on and relevel the vehicle according to lit yellow indicators. The system will attempt to level the vehicle by first lowering, then raising the vehicle as necessary. When a level position is achieved the system will return to the SLEEP MODE with the touch panel turning off 10 minutes after leveling is achieved.

EXCESS SLOPE: During any leveling sequence, if a level position is not achieved, the EXCESS SLOPE light will come on. EXCESS SLOPE is when any pair of raise valves have been on continuously for 15 minutes. 10 minutes after the EXCESS SLOPE light comes on the panel will turn off if the ignition is off. Any time the ignition is turned on the EXCESS SLOPE light will come on until the “TRAVEL” button is pushed, the Park Brake is released if the ignition is on, or the vehicle is leveled using manual air leveling.

If the leveling system does not operate properly in the Automatic mode, recheck the system in the Manual mode starting with Part 1. If the system works properly in the Manual Mode, it should work in the Automatic mode.

After rechecking the system, if it works manually but not automatically, contact HWH customer service for assistance.