Electric Door Actuators: MES 2 Wire Door Lock Actuator (W15F)

For the front door, it’s probably necessary to get an actuator from FT Parts. The MES W15F actuator replacement works fine for the basement doors on my 99 U270, but when I needed to replace the actuator in the door, there wasn’t enough space to fit the MES replacement in, and I transplanted an original one from a bay door and then replaced that one with one of the MES W15F actuators that I bought. The replacement of the actuator wasn’t hard, as others have mentioned, but strongly recommend using an electric screwdriver to R&R all the window screws, and they are a little finicky to get started when replacing the rim. Dave Katsuki 1999 U270 36′

2 wire Single MES Power Door lock Actuator with mounting hardware. These Swiss-made actuators have low friction mechanisms to reduce the increased effort on the door lock knob caused by installing aftermarket actuators.

A1 Electric Automotive Accessories or www.modoinnovations.com

Yesterday I was able to see one of the new actuators installed on a coach bay at FOT and it all made sense! The little rod fits into the outside hole on the lock mechanism. perpendicular to the lock. Then the new actuator is positioned and wired such that it locks/unlocks as needed. Note, that if the wires are reversed, it will lock when it should unlock and vice versa. Very simple installation. Here are some pics of the old and the new.  And thanks for all the advice! George Hatfield 2003 U295 36″

Actuator old unlocked

Actuator old locked

Actuator new unlocked position

Actuator new unlocked position