1997 Foretravel U320 Specifications

The interior styling for the 1997 model year will be as follows:

The U270 and U320 will have the same type window treatment in the living area. This will include taupe Day/Night tension shades, valances, fabric covered uprights, and wooden window sills at all forward windows. The drivers window will also get the tension Day/Night shades and fabric covered uprights this year. This change is made possible by the repositioning of the driver side mirror.

The bedroom window treatment will be similar in all 1997 models. This will include taupe sheer shades, valances, and privacy drapes. The bedroom overheads will deepen to nine inches to accommodate these drapes. There will be no window sills in the bedroom.

The kitchen window in all units will continue to have the string operated Day/Night shade.
The curved sofa section in all of our motorhomes where the curve was standard for 1996 will be replaced by an end table with two drawers. The lower of these two drawers will accommodate standard size files. These file holders are optional and available upon request.

As a matter of note, all 1997 motorhomes will have ThermoPane windows.
The Corian countertops in the U295 and U320 models will have Sierra Aurora tops with inlay colors as per the 1997 color charts. The edge treatments will be a triple tiered edge as in the U320 now and a new double tiered look in the U295.

The furniture in the 1997 U320 will be as follows:

Driver and passenger chairs will be Villa brand.

The passenger chair will be the extra wide style with electric foot rest.

The sofa and recliner will also be Villa brand. All furniture in the U320 will be tan leather.

Beginning with the 97 Model change the 110V heating element on the AQUA-HOT System will be switched by a 12V ON-OFF switch in the kitchen. This switch will control a 110V relay with a 12V coil. The relay will be mounted in the bed base.